Das Bild zeigt eine ölfreie Turbomolekular Trockenstation TS 716. Mit der Dry pumping- station kann man bis zu 7 TEM Probenhalter und Proben evakuieren. Als Option ist ein Thermo-Modul  zum Beheizen vonProbenhalter und Proben erhältlich.

Dry Pumping Station

Dry Pumping Station TS 716
from Binder Labortechnik

Our drying station TS 716 is based on an oil-free turbopump stand (Pfeiffer High Cube 80) with state-of-the-art diaphragm pump. In the maximum configuration it is possible to take up to 7 sample holders and samples and to evacuate them. Optionally, a baking module is available for heating samples and sample holders.

A Cryo-Kit is used for controlled evacuation of the tank of your cooling holder. An application software accompanies you throughout the evacuation process. The oil-free pumping station ensures that the zeolite traps are not contaminated. All applications can be operated intuitively via a touchscreen.

• 1 main recipient with a possible placement of 2 sample holders
• Up to 5 sub-recipients (separately evacuated)
• Touchscreen with intuitive menu navigation
• Status monitor with vacuum and process information
• Modern air-cooled turbomolecular pumping station with electronic control
• Standard with oil-free turbo and diaphragm pump
• Stable housing with a modern design
• Cryo-KIT to evacuate the vessel, including the user software
• Bakeout module up to max. 110 ° C adjustable – accuracy <0.4 degrees Celsius
• Adapter for FEI, Zeiss, Jeol and Hitachi sample holders (further adapters on request)

The TS 716 is available with one main recipient and up to five sub-recipients. The main recipient is in direct connection to the turbo-pump. The combination of the air-cooled turbo-molecular-pump with a diaphragm pump and the integrated pumping station control ensures an oil-free vacuum with short cycle times.

The achievable ultimate vacuum is <6 x 10-6 mbar. An electromagnetic flood-valve allows the receivers to be fully automatically ventilated via an external N2 connection. The sub-recipients have a volume of only about 2 cc and can therefore be evacuated quickly. Depending on the humidity, the evacuation time is <2 min.

The sub-recipients can also be individually ventilated and evacuated without breaking the operating vacuum. The recipients are controlled via the menu navigation on the touch screen.

In order to maintain the existing vacuum in the sub-recipients, all sub-recipients are separated from the main recipient via a control valve during bake-out or cryo-pumping operations. Upon completion of the application, the separated recipients are reactivated to the original status.

The status monitor displays the current status of the application. All information about the vacuum, the current consumption of the turbo-pump and their number of revolutions are displayed directly on the touchscreen via a bar chart.

The displays change their color with the speed and power consumption of the turbo-pump until the optimum operating vacuum is achieved. The drying station is started with the on / off button on the panel and a confirmation in the menu of the touchscreen.


Additional options:

A bake-out option is available for the main recipient – for effective removal of surface contamination (e.g., adsorbed water). The baking process, pressure, temperature and time are conveniently programmable via the touch-screen.

Cryo-Kit for evacuating the isolation vacuum of Cryo-TEM-holders

The cryo kit consists of an additional controllable valve, an adapter for connection to the insulating vacuum and an extension of the software. An acoustic signal indicates that the software has reached the final vacuum that can be set in the menu.


Please download the PDF-File or contact us if you need any further information.