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BINDER Labortechnik (LabTech) Accessories for TEM and SEM Preparation tools for sample holders and samples for electron microscopy.

We distribute dry and pump stations for TEM sample holders, plasma cleaners for TEM and SEM samples, sample punches, vacuum tweezers and mini desiccators for TEM and SEM samples. Furthermore, used parts for FEI electron microscopes are available on request.

Mini desiccator for SEM samples.

The model is suitable especially when dust and oxidation protection for organic and inorganic samples but also for storage of calibration samples. The desiccator has a conical suction socket, which can be taken off after the evacuation. An accidental ventilation is therefore excluded. Ideal if samples for example on travel are transported.

The evacuated volume allows a recording by 19 grid sample (Default Fei/Philips) or Gridboxen for transmission electron microscopy.

Dimensions: 130 mm x 130 mm x 46.5
Total height without cover: 40 mm
Sample Chamber inside diameter.: 104 mm
Sample Chamber height: 18 mm
Nitrogen: Coverage would have to be modified
Protective gas: Coverage would have to be modified
Vacuum: Yes
Transport by Gridboxen: Yes
Transport of grid samples: Yes

Price on request

Feel free to download the informations as a PDF-File


Vacuum tweezers VP 100

The vacuum tweezers has a diaphragm pump with suction control.
The suction control can be set as needed with a needle valve.
Included is a curved suction needle with a diameter of 0.7 mm


Suction needle bent with 0.5 / 0.7 mm diameter
Suction tip / just 1.0 diameter
Other sizes on request
Suction needle for wafer tweezers

For more informations please download the PDF-File


Disc Punch for 2,3 und 3 mm Specimen

The sample cutter is suitable for punching for 2.3 and 3 mm samples.
This precision punch allows sample slices with thicknesses between 10 µm and 200 µm to cut out.
Structural transformation in the central area of the sample can be prevented by the concave stamp Dimensions:

Length: 145 mm
Width: 60 mm
Height: 145 mm
Weight: 860 g

Order numbers:
DP_2.3 (for 2.3 mm sample diameter)
DP_3.0 (for 3.0 mm sample diameter)

For more informations please download the PDF-File


Thermo Module for Dry station TS 716

As a new development we present our Thermo module for the dry pump stand TS 716.

This option allows to heat specimen holders and specimens during evacuation even further. This results in the loosening of persistent residual moisture on the specimen holder and sample. The thermo module is mounted on the main recipient of the drying station instead of the vacuum cover. The option can also be retrofitted later on.

After adjusting the thermo contact and the halogen lamp, the accessories are already ready for operation. The software for the module is implemented in the touch screen. The temperature end value can be files to 95 °C variable input, a thermocouples has direct contact with the specimen holder. This allows a continuous real-timing of the temperature.

A status monitor informs about the current process independently. All required parameters are shown during the heating process on the touch screen. After the end of the heating process, the halogen lamp switches.

For more informations please download the PDF-File


If you have any questions and/or you would like to order components, please contact me by phone or send a message. I´m happy to help you.